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Laser Cutting

Amada EMLK Turret/Laser Combo

Utilizing state-of-the-art punch/laser technology, WECOM's Amada EMLK Turret/Laser Combo press combines the high punching speed and forming flexibility of an innovative turret punch press with the unlimited shape cutting capabilities of 3 late model laser combos. The result is minimum setups and extremely quick turnarounds, which is ideal for the high production of short-run sheet metal parts, particularly those that incorporate forming or have many holes.

APELIO Turret/Laser Combo



A comprehensive list of top-of-the-line machinery assures you of WECOM's commitment to maintaining a modern production environment that meets your unique tooling, fabrication and assembly demands. Same day quotations, computerized production scheduling, complete reverse engineering, JIT delivery, and 24-hour response are WECOM's guarantee of superb quality and service.

Following is a partial list of some of our hi-tech equipment:

  • AMADA Shears, up to 14' x 1/4" Thick Steel
  • AMADA Turret/Laser Combos
  • AMADA High Speed Laser Cutting Machines
  • AMADA CNC Turret Punch Presses
  • Press Brakes, Including 4 AMADA Press Brakes up to 14' Long
  • Autosert Hardware Insertion Presses
  • Sciaky Spot Welders, 3PH/100kva, 1/8" to 1/8" Aluminum Capacity.
  • Comet CNC Vertical Milling Center
  • Nordson Encore Powder Coating System

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Precision Fabrication

WECOM consistently maintains and surpasses the highest standard of craftsmanship in the precision sheet metal manufacturing industry. We're prepared to handle all your custom manufacturing requests.

  • CNC Laser Cutting (Includes Amada Turret/Laser Combos)
  • CAD/CAM Engineering and Programming (With DXF, IGES & DWG File Transportability for Turret Punching, Laser Cutting & CNC Vertical Mill)
  • Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication (Milling/Punching/Shearing/Stamping)
  • MIG/TIG Welding Stations
  • Spot welding including welding of 1/8 aluminum to 1/8 aluminum
  • Electromechanical Assembly (Includes Hardware Insertion Presses, Riveters and Assembly Tables)
  • Mechanical Burring and Polishing
  • Premium Powder Coating
  • MIL-C-5541 - Aluminum Chemical Film
  • MIL-DTL-5541F - Aluminum Chemical Film Type 1
  • In house chromate converstion
  • Plating and Silk Screen Printing
  • Partnership Manufacturing
  • Packing and Packaging
  • Quality Assurance and Certification

Metal Finishing Services

The Art of Metal Finishing

WECOM performs a wide range of metal finishing services to make your manufactured parts look their best.

This includes:

  • Polishing
  • MIL-C- 5541 - Aluminum Chemical Film
  • MIL-DTL- 5541F - Aluminum Chemical Film Type 1
  • Lockheed Martin Company Approved Vendor
  • In House Chromate Conversion for Aluminum (also known by trades names as "Irridite" or "Alodine" finishes.)
    • WECOM INC’s Chromate Conversion Process conforms to MIL-DTL-5541 Type 1 Class 1A for Yellow and Class 3 for Clear
    • WECOM INC’s Chromate Type 1 Process is approved for use by the Lockheed Martin Company
  • Powder Coat Finishing
  • Silk screening
  • Electroplating
  • Anodizing
  • Graining

Quality Control

The WECOM INC Quality System conforms to AS9003

WECOM INC is an approved vendor of the Lockheed Martin Company.

CAD/CAM Engineering and Programming

Enginnering with:

  • DXF
  • IGES & DWG File Transportability for Turret Punching
  • Laser Cutting
  • CNC Vertical Mill