WeCom Latest News

WECOM INC has changed to four 10 hour work days (Monday - Thursday) to maximize efficiencies and reduce the daily start up surges and shutdown lags.

 Recent Lean Manufacturing Training at WECOM brought this manufacturing option to light and after a trial period, management and labor both endorsed the change whole heartedly. WECOM has adopted the "Four-10s" on a permanent basis and now both Fridays and Saturdays are available for overtime for those urgent "have-to-have-it-Monday" late orders. "Four-10s" has been adopted for WECOM's second shift as well to allow maximum utilization of our manufacturing capabilities. Customers are enjoying shorter lead times and more economical prices.

WECOM INC Shipping and Receiving hours are 6:30AM - 4PM Monday-Thursday. Closed Fridays
WECOM INC Office hours are 8AM - 6PM Monday-Thursday with some limited hours on Fridays

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