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South Jersey Manufacturer since 1961.

WECOM INC specializes in precision sheet metal fabrication and LASER cutting for clients in the electronics, computer, pharmaceutical, process control, refrigeration, telecommunication, food, medical, military, aerospace, construction, railroad and toll equipment industries. Parts manufactured by WECOM INC include brackets, cabinets, casings, consoles, coin vaults, covers, dispensers, doors, enclosures, face plates, frames, gates, gears, guards, hardware, housings, panels, plates, racks, shelters, shims, vents and work stations. WECOM INC's contract manufacturing services include precision sheet metal fabrication, CAD/CAM programming, CNC LASER cutting, CNC punching, piercing, CNC machining, MIG & TIG welding, spot welding, bending, forming, cutting, sawing, shearing, deburring, Premium powder coating, metal finishing, metal coating, metal plating, silk-screening, electromechanical assembly, riveting and fastening. WECOM INC specializes in job shop work, producing sheet metal fabrications from all grades of Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Let WECOM INC produce your job on time, within budget and to your complete satisfaction.